Purchasing Marketing Plan…

Buying a home is one the biggest investments that most people will ever make in their life.

There are many questions you may have before purchasing a home. 

How and when should we choose a mortgage lender?  

o We will be happy to help you find a lender

What neighborhoods and schools are best for our family? 

o We will be happy to help you search neighborhoods, schools & any other criteria you may have

What style and size of home do we want/need? 

o We will be happy to help you search for the style, size & amenities you & your family are searching for

Every family is unique and has different questions and we understand that. We work with every family individually to find out what is most important to you.

Our website is designed to be a powerful tool to help you start the process, but we are excited to step in and help answer the many questions that you may have.

6 Tips for First Time Home Buyer's…

1. Check the selling prices of comparable homes in the neighborhoods that you interested in.  The advanced search engine on this website is designed to give you easy access to every MLS listing in every neighborhood in your desired area.

2. Figure out what you can afford.  Use a mortgage calculator to see what your payment would be. Talking to a mortgage lender will give you the clearest picture.

3. Calculate your total monthly housing cost - including homeowner's insurance and property taxes.  To get a better idea for how much you should budget for your housing expenses use an online home affordability calculator.

4. Find out how much you'll likely pay in closing costs.  These upfront costs of purchasing your home shouldn't be overlooked.

5. Look at your financial situation and how a home fits in your budget. Fannie Mae suggests spending no more than 28% of your monthly income on housing costs.

6. Talk to a reputable real estate agent in your area about the local real estate market.  Choosing a Realtor who has your best interest at mind makes all the difference. A good Realtor will walk guide you through the home buying process from beginning to end and allow you to focus on finding the home of your dreams.  

4 Reasons Why NOW is a Great Time to Buy a Home

1. HOME PRICES ARE STILL RISING - The real estate market is back in full swing and we have seen double digit gains in home prices come pretty regularly.  Even with these recent price increases, there is still plenty of room for home values to climb.  This makes it a great market to buy a home and start building equity.

2. RATES ARE PRETTY LOW BY HISTORICAL STANDARDS - Rates, currently in the mid 4% range have climbed more than a full point since May, but are still lower than they were just 2 years ago and far lower than the long term average of 8%.  No one really knows what to expect with interest rates in the future, but it's almost certain they won't go down significantly! Take advantage of historically low rates while you can!

3. IT'S GETTING EASIER TO GET A MORTGAGE - After the credit crunch, lenders have been slow to open their doors to less than stellar borrowers. There are signs that banks are starting to relax requirements on down payments, debt to income ratio and credit scores. Banks are even starting to work with people who sold in a short sale, went through foreclosure or filed bankruptcy after a period of 2 years.  

4. BUYING IS STILL CHEAPER THAN RENTING - Even with the recent increases in price and rates, it's still cheaper to buy than rent in all 100 of the largest real estate markets.  Nationally, it's 37% cheaper to buy, assuming the buyer stays in the home for at least 7 years.  There are many financial benefits of owning, such as income tax deductions for mortgage interest and real estate taxes.  Many renters find that it is the ideal time to make the dream of homeownership a reality.